About Me

about me

Hi, I’m Trudy and I write stuff.

But I guess you knew that, huh?  ‘Trudy Morrison, Writer’ – I come with my own built-in spoiler. I should probably steer away from writing whodunnits. I do stay away from writing whodunnits, in case you’re wondering.

I write comedy, see? Or sarcasm. Occasionally the two things come together in a happy marriage of facetiousness disguised as satire. But not proper satire because that would require political savvy and, really, I’m just not clever enough for that. I have an O-level in Religious Studies though, which comes in handy for a quick gag whenever a pope dies or another priest accidentally falls repeatedly on an altar boy. Or a Buddhist monk murders a gnat in, er, cold blood … or something. Just so you know, I’m no bigot. I’m very ecumenical when it comes to pointing a finger.

If you rummage through this site you’ll find stuff that I’ve written. I’ve been a finalist in BBC3’s The Last Laugh sitcom writing competition. Paul Mayhew-Archer said a scene was “a moment of comedy genius”. I’ll tell you all about it one day and how I probably messed up the best writing chance of my life. You’ll laugh your head off. Yes. Like I do. I laugh and laugh myself to sleep every night.

But I’ve since written several pilot sitcoms for the Beeb. They’ve said nice things about some of them. In the meantime, I pay the bills by editing other writers’ work, which they then send to BBC writersroom (the editor in me mentally capitalizes that, it seems a grammatical affectation too far). So yeah, everything has a pleasing circularity about it.

I’ve contributed a number of ‘radio’ scripts to the Berwick Broadcasting Corporation – a kind of local spin-off of The Fitzrovia Radio Hour. (Don’t worry, they know about us and to date they’ve shown no sign of suing. Tom Mallaburn even offered to buy me a drink. He didn’t though.)  I write reviews, short stories, sketches, features, opinion pieces, blogs. I like Scrabble … No, actually, I don’t like Scrabble, it’s too competitive. But I like making words with Scrabble tiles on my own. I once played ‘RECIDIVIST’ on a triple word score. Still gives me a warm glow.

Look, here’s a picture of me:


 I look a bit flushed, don’t I? Good night, that.

Have a poke around, and if you like what you see call me sometime. We can sit up all night together playing fantasy Scrabble.